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Simple is smart

Design for Business

Trademark is a design-led creative studio offering innovative strategic solutions in print, web and media design. We provide added value to businesses that sustain growth and increases brand engagement.

About us

We believe that brand design can shape the perception of a company by creating emotional connections for its consumers. It establishes valuable relationships that are built on identification, trust and loyalty. As passionate creative professionals, we have the creative ability to design and build the right solution for the intended audience.

Print design

We design everything printable from logos to identity design, flyers, posters, books, adverts and billboards to little bitty postage stamps. Scroll down to see some of our latest print projects.


Web design

Whether we like it or not, advertising is changing and the digital shopfront is where the most brand engagement will be leveraged. We believe ‘simple is smart’ and smart is good business. Elevate your online presence with clean, responsive web design.

Film and motion

Film and motion design offers an immersive experience and draws attention unlike any other visual format. We produce corporate video, promotional media, product demonstration, animated text and infographics to deliver your message and tell your story.

2017 Showreel

Our style of film-making is crisp and clean and  focuses on how to best attract viewers and create actionable results. We work closely with clients so we can provide original clear content. Check out our YouTube channel for a full experience of our digital media production services. 

Our latest clients

Our clients trust us to help reposition and manage their brands to become more competitive with ever-changing market conditions.

We have a style of creative insight and a set of design values and principles which we apply to every project.

Trademark Studios’s  creative influence solves problems by helping to generate exposure, engagement and ultimately, better brand value.

“The Institute of Designers in Ireland is the largest and oldest association of design professionals and longest established creative forum in Ireland. 

 The IDI is committed to advancing the value and impact of design – inspiring, supporting and learning from one another along the way. We aim to make design matter.”


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